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What Facility Managers Can Do to Ensure Their Buildings are Clean

If you want to get your business going, take care of your personnel. One way to keep your workforce stable is by keeping a clean and fulfilling place to work all year-round. Here are some ways to help facility managers achieve this goal.

Do Not Miss Regular Cleaning

Especially this time of the year, everyone is going to be very busy. Be sure to hire dedicated cleaners to keep the workplace clean. Aside from mere sweeping and vacuum cleaning, you can also include sanitation programs to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading. Do a regular cleaning especially to large establishments to get rid of dust and harmful microorganisms that can make your staff sick.

Disinfect Regularly

You can ask the help of your staff to do this by letting them clean and wipe the surfaces they come in contact with. This may include their desks, keyboard and mouse, doorknobs and elevator buttons. When somebody coughs or sneezes, germs can travel, find shelter in these parts and transfer from one hand to another. Also, clean carpets and curtains regularly to get rid of those particles that can trigger allergy symptoms.

Stock Cleaning Supplies

Facility managers need to make sure that all cleaning supplies are readily available for use. Spills and accidents can happen any time. Hence, it is always a good idea to have the right tools and supplies used to get rid of the issues immediately. Commercially-sold cleaning wipes and disinfectants are easy to use products that you should always keep available in the workplace.

Encourage Better Hygiene

This is a do-it-yourself task for the staff and anyone who stays inside the room. Facility managers should encourage everyone to practice proper hygiene which can start by washing their hands with soap and hot water more often. Do this especially when they have a cough, after visiting the restroom or when they keep on sneezing. Give your sick employee some time to stay and recover in their home so that other staff members will not be affected.

Do Not Forget Regular HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your employees comfortable, but they can also cause them to feel sick if not given proper maintenance. As facility managers, be sure to comply with the regular HVAC maintenance schedule to keep your indoor air quality as healthy as possible.

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Top 5 Ways to Get Better HVAC Energy Efficiency

If you want to get better with your HVAC system, you should start having your mindset at using less and getting the most of what you have. Do you want to know how to ensure optimum efficiency of your unit? Read below and learn helpful tips from the professionals.

1. Programmable Controls. Do you always forget to adjust the thermostat setting in your home when leaving for work? Everyone has done it. Running your system in full force while no one is around can be truly a waste of energy. With an automated system, you have full control of the lighting and thermostat for easy adjustment. You can even manipulate your indoor temperature while away from home.

2. Energy Efficient Units. Shifting to a more efficient and newer HVAC models can double or triple your savings. If you are looking for a replacement to your old unit, look for equipment with a higher SEER rating. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit is, and provides greater comfort too. Additionally, choose those rated with Energy Star to ensure that the unit passes through strict guidelines.

3. Insulation. Do not let your money be wasted along with well-conditioned air. Keep your home properly insulated to prevent money loss and to improve the efficiency of your units. Especially on the parts where drafts and leaks are in maximum number such as walls, pipes, ducts, doors and windows, consider adding or replacing insulation to trap cool air inside.

4. Proper Airflow. Preserve the proper flow of air to keep the unit running properly. One of the causes of high energy consumption of HVAC units is obstructed air flow. Make sure that no furniture blocks the vents and registers. For the outdoor units, clear debris around the system such as high-growing grass, dirt and dust accumulation.

5. Maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps you updated on the condition of your HVAC system. Poorly maintained units can make your energy usage skyrocket without you knowing it. Keep your appointment for seasonal maintenance to save money on expensive repairs and to secure the efficiency of the unit throughout the year.

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