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4 Unexpected Benefits of an A/C Tune-up

It is an understatement to say that air conditioning units are an important component of your home especially this time of the year. And the best way to prepare your A/C for the dog days is none other than a proper tune-up.

Here are 4 unexpected benefits that come along with professional air conditioning tune-up service.

  1. Saves you on skyrocketing energy bill

We cannot deny the fact that air conditioning units consume more than a quarter of your monthly energy usage. The situation is even worse if you have a poorly maintained A/C unit in your home. A regular tune-up can help cut down as much as 30% on your energy cost by bringing up the best operating efficiency of your unit.

One of the most important checks that an A/C tune-up covers are changing or cleaning air filters. A dirty air filter is one of the biggest factors why your unit consumes a great amount of energy. When air filters are cleaned, there will be no obstruction in the air flow. Thus, your system will operate smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Catches problems ahead of time

Air conditioner tune-ups keep you updated on the status of the components of your system. Even if it looks just fine on the outside, your system may be experiencing problems inside and this can be dangerous. With an A/C tune-up, small glitches are given proper solution before they become great issues that can harm the overall performance of your unit.

Some minor issues are caused by dusty components, wiring problems, and mechanical parts that need lubrication. If neglected, these can bring great danger in the system and may lead you to expensive repairs and replacement of parts.

  1. Improves your home’s comfort level

The reason you invested in air conditioning units is to give you the best comfort on the hottest days of the year. But there are cases that A/C units fail to give you the comfort you expect. One of the reasons for this is poor maintenance.  Proper A/C tune-up ensures your unit is always at its optimum performance especially at the time that you need it the most.

Aside from giving you cool air, A/C also improves your comfort by helping you manage the humidity level inside. This will prevent the occurrence of indoor air quality pollutants that can harm your health.

  1. Extends the life of your unit

Air conditioning units are big investments and you surely want to get the best out of it. A/C tune-ups can help you reach the estimated lifespan. It even adds years to your unit’s life and increases the value of your investment.

If you have not scheduled a professional A/C tune-up yet, it is time to give Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating a call and schedule an appointment today!

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Condenser Problems in Memphis, TN

Is your air conditioning system in Memphis, TN inefficient in keeping your home cool? The culprit probably lies in your condenser unit. It is a sad fact that many homeowners forget that outdoor units exist and fail to check and maintain them.

Here are common causes of air conditioner condenser problems that mostly happen with negligence to proper maintenance and care.

Outside Debris

The condenser unit is prone to debris and other elements because it is mounted outside. It can easily gather dirt, dust and other components including leaves, twigs and sand. When installing a condenser unit, you should be wise in choosing the area to prevent debris from getting inside. Keep the surrounding area clean and free of obstruction. Any objects that get inside the condenser unit can cause great trouble in the operation of the motor, fan blades and fan belt. Similarly, remove plants that can hinder proper air flow.

Power Supply Issues

Your A/C condenser is powered by electricity just like most of the appliances in the house. If there are problems in the power supply, the operation of the fan and motors may be affected. These are normally caused by wiring issues, electrical relay or faulty capacitor problems. As result, the compressor fails to turn on and the fan will not work. Get in touch with a professional electrician to keep your A/C running in full performance again.

Leaking Refrigerant

Your outdoor and indoor units are connected with pipes where refrigerants flow and carry out heat exchange. Leaky refrigerant is a common HVAC problem. The presence of leaks in the pipes and coils can put the entire operation of the system in jeopardy. Be sure to ask a professional help to find those leaks, seal them and add the right amount of refrigerant to maintain the system’s operation.

Bent Fins

There are aluminum fins in the condenser unit which are easily bent. If these fins are bent the wrong way, they can cause obstruction in the proper flow of air thus, hindering the cooling process.

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