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Why You Need a Second Opinion on A/C Repairs

There are different reasons your air conditioning system breaks in the middle of its operation. There can be numerous solutions, too. But when your service technician suggests an expensive repair or replacement in the parts of your system, it is always a good idea to seek a second opinion. Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating is here to give you a thorough explanation why you need to have one.

What is a Second Opinion?

The first thing to do when your air conditioning unit fails is to call a technician to diagnose the issue. However, there are times that homeowners are unconvinced of the diagnosis given. It is when they opt to have a second opinion from other HVAC experts.

Unfortunately, there are HVAC companies out there which intentionally mislead costumers into believing that their HVAC system is in a complicated situation which is not the real case. Sometimes, they even suggest expensive repairs and replacement that cause customers to pay thousands of dollars.

You rely much on your air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable this summer season. That is why when it breaks down, and your technician tells you to replace certain parts or to have an extensive repair of the system, chances are you will comply. But in reality, technicians will only recommend replacement if there are no longer available inexpensive solutions. If the opinions given did not satisfy you, it is best to seek a second opinion.

Benefits of a Second Opinion

When you call for a second opinion, it is fine to say that you already had someone come out. But you do not have to tell what the exact diagnosis is. You can ask him to analyze the same issue and see if the opinions are the same. It may sound like another set of expense but here are the benefits that you can get by asking for a second opinion:

  • If you are given a quote that is too expensive, you can get different options at a lesser cost by asking for a second opinion.
  • You can also find out if the diagnosis is incorrect and if the solution is just what your system needs. You will also be given the right facts about your HVAC system.
  • By asking for a second opinion, you can save yourself from expensive repair or replacement. You can also get rid of deceptive companies and technicians.

If you need a second opinion from a reliable HVAC company, you can count on the experts at Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide up-front information without hidden surprises and guarantee significant savings. Give us a call today!

Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer calls for more water usage since you will be spending more time in the shower, doing laundry, have extra cooking and cleaning activities for the guests.  And surely, the kids will always find time for water activities. With your plumbing system in bad condition, you will face an extremely high water bill and repair expenses.

Do not let this happen to you. Prepare your home plumbing system for the summer challenge with these helpful tips from the pro:

ü  Clean the drains, gutters, and downpipes

The drains, gutters, and pipes are prone to dirt and dust accumulation. Leaves and other debris can also get piled up and block these areas, causing great damage to your property. Before the summer season arrives, be sure to hire a professional plumber for a complete cleaning and inspection of these critical parts.

ü  Schedule a sewer line checkup

Especially if you already experienced having blocked pipes before, it is extra important to book an appointment with a professional plumber and have your sewer line checked. Tree roots tend to grow faster with hot weather and if your sewer pipeline has even a small break, it will allow for the roots to get inside. This can give birth to major damages to your sewer system.

ü  Inspect the faucets, pipes, and sprinklers for leaks

Leaks can happen in any of these parts of your plumbing system which can potentially increase your water bill and may cause future problems. Call professionals to check for water drippings, broken sinks, and inspect the pipes in the plumbing appliances such as the washing machine and water heater. Repair detected problems immediately.

ü  Check your water pressure

Just like in a typical health check where doctors first check the patient’s blood pressure, your home’s water pressure is also an important consideration in your water system. Especially when you are planning to leave your home for the summer, pressure can build up in the system and may lead you to expensive repairs and damages.

ü  Get a complete professional plumbing inspection

It is always better to be proactive about your plumbing system. And even if you do not see signs of system damage, it is still important to have it completely checked by a professional plumber. This will give you peace of mind and prevent emergency service calls.


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