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The Amazing Benefits of Air Conditioning When You Have Kids

The sunny 74 degrees in Memphis, TN comes as no surprise, and it makes an air conditioning unit a valuable investment in your home. But do you know that A/C units are beneficial not just for the adults but most especially the kids? Here is how it benefits the little ones in the house:

  • Reduces Health Problems

Air conditioning units play a big part in eradicating health problems inside your home, especially for children who are prone to fur and pollen allergies. Unlike adults, kids are not very good at managing allergies, so they tend to become more irritable and miserable. By cleaning the air, A/C units with built-in air purifiers can reduce the possibility of hay fever and allergies in children while providing them with healthy air to breathe.

  • Gives Children a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a necessity for kids, and it’s pretty hard to get a good one when your home is too hot and humid. A poor night sleep can affect your kid’s health as well as their performance in school. With an air conditioning unit at home, you can give your children the best comfort at night so they can sleep soundly without any fuss.

  • Beats the Heat Stress

Heat stress is most common in babies, and it is truly bothersome for the parents as it can lead to dehydration and lethargy. Placing the crib in the room with an air conditioning unit allows your babies to sleep better and saves them from heat stress. Heat stress can also affect the mood of the older kids as they can get too irritated and disturbed. With air conditioning units to beat the heat, your kids can feel better and comfortable while inside your home.

  • Improve Your Kid’s Hair and Skin

The hot summer temperature can result in wrinkles and dry skin and hair. An air conditioning unit can give your home a fresh and cool atmosphere, so there are lesser possibilities of sore and chapped skin.

Of course, you can only get these benefits if you have a good air conditioning unit inside your home. By ensuring that your unit is in a good state of repair, you can enjoy these benefits for your kids plus great comfort and savings for your budget. With this, the professionals at Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating can help. By keeping your air conditioners in tip-top shape, we can help save your comfort in the long sticky, summer months.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Compressor Turn on and Off?

One of the frequently asked questions about air conditioning systems is why the compressor keeps shutting on and off. If this is also troubling you in your Memphis, TN home, here is a list of the important information that you should know.

What Causes A/C Compressor Issues?

Check out these reasons why your unit’s compressor quickly turns on and off:

Insufficient refrigerant. If you are using an older model of air conditioning unit, you might be experiencing a low level of R-22. For newer models, the system might be lacking the right amount of R-410A and other types of refrigerants. Insufficiency in the refrigerant may be caused by leaks and damages in the system.

Electrical problems. Sometimes, the glitches in the electrical components inside the system and thermostat are the reasons why the compressor keeps turning on and off. Probably, there are damaged wires inside which cut power from the source or cause short circuits. Take the case of a damaged control board or switch. If this part is jammed shut, short cycling can happen in the outlet side of the compressor causing it to switch on and off when it shouldn’t.

Mechanical Problems. If the mechanical components of your A/C’s compressor fail, expect that you will be experiencing some issues in the compressor. This is usually caused by loose wirings, insufficient lubrication on the moving parts or dirt and other particles which block the components.

Overheating Electric Motors. There are fan and compressor motor circuitry which automatically switches off when the unit experiences thermal overload then resets when the motor cools down. The overheating can be caused by improper voltage, rapid cycling demands from the controls, faulty bearings, mechanical damages and not enough lubrication.

Normally, the length of time before the compressor turns ON again is 10 minutes or more. This varies depending on the rate of heat gain, air leakages and other factors which make the room heat up again. If it takes only 5 minutes or less for the A/C’s compressor to turn on and off, you are already dealing with a serious issue in your system. You need to call a professional help right away to determine the problem and provide the right solutions.

Are you having issues with the compressor of your air conditioner? Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating is just around the corner! Call us today!