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The Do’s And Don’ts of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Getting an optimum comfort does not end in buying and installing an air conditioning unit. Of course, you have to do the maintenance! There is a thing called “air conditioning DO’s and DON’Ts” that you should follow to maintain your unit’s best shape and to keep your comfort for years. Do your part by working closely with professional A/C technicians to ensure the performance and efficiency of your system and to guarantee its longer lifespan.

Here are the simple DO’s and DON’Ts of air conditioning maintenance you should follow:

Do’s for Air Conditioning Maintenance

  1. Do clear out the blockages in your outdoor condensing unit. Remove the nearby weak branches, trim the grass and leaves, and maintain a clear space around the unit. Clearing the yard will help your unit to dispel heat properly.
  2. Do change your air filters as necessary as possible to eradicate the allergens and airborne contaminants inside your home. If you are not sure about this, talk to the expert HVAC contractors to understand your air filter’s requirements.
  3. Do check your thermostat to make sure that it functions well. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set or schedule the desired temperature to achieve optimal cooling efficiency.
  4. Do sign up for annual air conditioning maintenance. Talk to your HVAC contractor to know your cooling options or discuss your comfort needs.
  5. Do get professional maintenance from HVAC companies with years of experience in the industry and has the knowledge to tackle all your needs.

Don’ts for Air Conditioning Maintenance

  1. Don’t attempt to do the repair, replacement or maintenance of your air conditioning. DIY jobs do not guarantee desirable results, especially if you do not have the tools, knowledge, and enough experience.
  2. Don’t restore the refrigerant lines, electrical lines, and other connections in your unit.
  3. Don’t let your thermostat run out of batteries if it is battery-operated.
  4. Don’t leave all your cooling comfort needs to your air conditioner alone. Operating your system 24/7 can cause overheating of parts and high energy bill.
  5. Don’t skip your annual maintenance and inspection. Skipping them might result in inefficient operation and unpreventable break down in the future.
  6. Don’t let your air filter to get too dirty and clogged.

Expert A/C Maintenance in Memphis, TN and Nearby Areas

It is important that your air conditioning unit in Memphis, TN receives maintenance on a regular basis. By following our provided guidelines, you can achieve a trouble-free comfort and longer life for your unit. If you want to learn more about your air conditioner, Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating is here to educate you and offer preventive maintenance service for your unit. Call us today!

5 Reasons Why Ventilation Is Crucial For A Comfortable Home

Did you know that the atmosphere inside your home has a major impact on your health and safety? That is why you should give ample attention to your indoor air quality. And in your journey to attaining the healthiest possible indoor air, you can start by having a good ventilation system. These reasons will tell you why!

  • Remove Humidity

Humidity is an indoor enemy, especially in the summer season. Allowing it to increase at a very high level can lead to major issues in your health as well as damage to your property. Aside from the hot temperature, your everyday activities such as showering and cooking also contribute to the excess humidity inside your home. Luckily, you can manage it with a good ventilation system. Ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen can help in getting rid of too much moisture and improve your indoor comfort.

  • Lowers the Concentration of VOCs

Since you are using chemicals and furnishings inside your home, you are not safe from volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Storing these chemicals properly is a must to prevent the spread of their dangerous emissions. Although you cannot guarantee the complete removal of these compounds, you can still manage the concentration with an adequate ventilation system.

  • Prevents The Growth Of Microorganisms

Too much moisture can trigger the growth of harmful microorganisms inside your home. Good thing, with a proper ventilation system especially in the shower rooms and kitchen, you can prevent the growth and spread of these microbes. However, if you are dealing with excessive humidity, a typical ventilation system may not be enough. It is time to invest in a dehumidifier as an aid in maintaining the right level of moisture.

  • Reduce Smells

No one wants to stay in a room with an unpleasant smell. And one of the contributors of this nasty odor is poor indoor air quality. Whether it is coming from the growth of microorganisms, cooking or stagnant humidity, you need to have something to combat the smell, and ventilation is a good choice. A ventilation system can help in refreshing the air by leading the bad odor out of your home.

  • Reduces Health Risks

When your indoor atmosphere is in a damp and moldy state, you are more prone to respiratory diseases such as asthma. This condition allows for the fast growth of dust mites. These organisms can cause itching and breathing problems.  Ventilation systems can save you from this trouble by keeping a more comfortable atmosphere inside your home.

Proper ventilation is crucial to achieving the maximum indoor comfort. If you are in for more tips and advice in keeping your IAQ at its best, give us a call at Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating.