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5 Plumbing Tips for Renters in Memphis, TN

5 Plumbing Tips for Renters in Memphis, TN

Renters in Memphis, TN can easily move to another area when their leasing contracts end. They can even get the flexibility to eliminate the risk of losing the value of the house and handle lower maintenance cost. Also, they can maximize their deposit refunds and get the best possible leasing terms at the end of the contract by getting some simple plumbing tasks done.

Here are the five plumbing tips that renters in Memphis, TN should follow:

  • Learn Some Simple Repair

Even with your landlord, it is important to know simple repairs for simple plumbing problems. One thing you should know is repairing a clogged toilet. Nobody wants to get stuck in a clogged and smelly bathroom or resist the “call of nature” because of a non-functioning toilet. So, it is always a good idea to have a plunger inside your bathroom to fix the issues.

  • Protect Your Drainage

To protect the drains in your shower tubs and sinks, you can use a strainer to catch hairs, extra food, and other tiny debris that cause build-up and clogging in your pipes. Also, don’t pour oils, fats, or grease down the drain as they can mix with other elements in your sewers, create a nasty conglomeration of chemicals, and block your pipes.

  • Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Winter is here! The extremely cold temperature could cause damage in your plumbing system when left unchecked. The cold temperature outdoors can freeze the water inside your pipe and the pressure there can cause the pipe to burst. To prevent this, let a small amount of water drops in your faucets and open your cupboard doors underneath your sink to allow warm air to circulate in your pipe.

  • Clean Your Dishwasher

Be sure to rinse off your dishes before placing them into your dishwasher. Use the appropriate amount of water in your dishwasher to prevent the soap from overflowing. Also, if you notice your dishwasher leaks, immediately call your landlord or the plumbing experts to address the problem.

  • Manage Your Water Heater Energy Consumption

If you are the ones paying for your hot water bill, you can manage your energy consumption by setting your water heater unit to its most efficient temperature of 120 degrees. If adjusting your device seems a hard job for you, call the experts for guidance.

Although your landlord owns the house, you, as renter also have some responsibilities to do to keep the house in great shape. Not only does it help you make your life convenient, but it can also give you the benefit at the end of the contract. Should you need more plumbing tips or services for your rented home, call our experts at Automatic Air Conditioning today.