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A Guide to Cutting Energy Consumption and Saving on Energy Bills

Now that the summer heat is on, homeowners would surely want to turn their air conditioning units to full blast. However, the frustrating part is when the high energy bill arrives. Luckily, homeowners can cut their energy consumption and save on energy bills through several ways. Use this guide if you want to improve your. [Read more…]

How to Identify HVAC Scams

How to identify HVAC scams

Just like car mechanics, everyone usually hears about regular homeowners who are cheated on their money from dishonest HVAC contractors. Unfortunately, not every contractor is honest enough, as some will say and do everything just to con out your money. Check out these common signs of HVAC scams. Sign # 1 Your local technician tells. [Read more…]

6 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

6 simple tips to maintain your ac

Before you blast the cool air from your air conditioning unit, be sure that you’ve given your valuable unit its annual check-up. AC units need regular maintenance to keep working at their best. Follow these 6 simple maintenance tips to save cash in utility bills, and enjoy real comfort. Change the air filter. While regular. [Read more…]