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How Does Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner Unit?

How Does Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner Unit?

Let’s get this straight! Rain can cause no harm to your air conditioning unit in Memphis, TN. Whether you are using a central A/C or any kinds of unit that is exposed outdoors, there’s nothing to worry about when the rain comes.

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Your Outdoor Unit Can Withstand Weather Patterns

Your outdoor unit in Memphis, TN is designed to bear weather patterns, and seasonal rain won’t have any adverse effect on your cooling system. The truth is, a little rain can have a positive impact as it helps remove vegetation and debris that could otherwise stay lodged in your unit.

The hardware of your A/C is built for durability. However, it is expected not to work in peak performance when it is crowded with dirt, leaves, and debris. So when you fail to inspect and maintain your unit and your area isn’t raining for several seasons, it may encounter too much strain, causing inefficiency and high utility bills.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about getting your unit’s electrical parts wet. Electrical wirings like the ones used in condenser coil are insulated for protection against rainy conditions.

What Can Damage Your A/C During the Rain?

While wet from rain is none of your concern anymore, there are other situations associated with the rainy weather that can actually put your A/C in serious harm. One of them is the lightning that can cause a power surge and damage the outdoor compressor. Another is flooding due to heavy rains. When the compressor is underwater for a long time, a short circuit may occur and fry the electronics, motor, and electrical connections of your A/C.

Seasonal rain can also accompany wind that causes heavy materials like twigs to land on your outdoor unit. Instead of wrapping the unit with plastic or tarp, install a custom-fit cover to protect it.

Protect Your Unit with Repair and Maintenance

Depending on the climate present in your location, there are few maintenance tasks that you need to stay on top of when it comes to your air conditioning unit. Rain or shine, be sure to maintain your unit’s best performance through professional repair and maintenance.

While rainy weather does not seem so scary at all, severe weather conditions like lightning, flash floods, and heavy wind are a different story. So when you fail to protect your outdoor unit due to unexpected weather condition, be sure to schedule an A/C repair in Memphis, TN with the pros.

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