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Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Memphis, TN

Your air conditioner is an operating machine, with parts that work hand-in-hand to meet your home’s comfort demands. When one component becomes faulty, others are affected. So when you feel your space is no longer as comfortable as it should be or when your bill drastically rises, for sure your unit encounters some issues that need immediate repair.

Here are the signs that you need air conditioner repair in Memphis, TN:

Your A/C Creates Unusual Sounds

Your unit will typically create a level of noise, particularly when turned on or off. But how much is too much? The loud banging or rattling noise your cooling unit creates could mean loose components that might damage other parts of the system, resulting in costly repairs. So when you hear any strange sounds, turn the unit off and call the experts for air conditioning service in Memphis, TN.

Your Energy Bill Rises

A dramatic rise in your monthly energy bill is a sign that your cooling system is running less efficiently. Damaged components that are continually working can cause excessive strain to your unit and consequently increase your energy consumption. Call a certified technician to make sure everything in your unit is in good working condition.

Your Space Has Poor Airflow

If your home feels less comfortable even if your thermostat is set right, it could have something to do with airflow. Try to turn on your cooling system again and observe the blowing air out of the vent. If the airflow is poor, then you have a problem. Schedule your A/C repair in Memphis, TN right away.

Your Unit Leaks or Freezes

The puddle of water in your unit is not a good indication. When left unattended, it can lead to mold issues and might affect your family’s health. A frozen A/C, on the other hand, is also a problem caused by a refrigerant leak. Before things become problematic, call the pros to fix the root cause of leaking or freezing A/C.

Your Space Has High Humidity Levels

The sticky feeling inside your home and the pooling water around your window indicate that your air conditioner is not working well and you have high humidity levels. From poor cooling and high humidity levels can also create discomfort. Call the local cooling experts to address and resolve the problem.

If you notice any of these issues, call the most reliable air conditioning company in Memphis, TN immediately. Here at It’s Automatic Air Conditioning & Heating, we carry out high-quality A/C service to make your home comfortable. Call us to set an appointment.