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Why Your Memphis, TN Office Freezes In the Hot Months

Why Your Memphis, TN Office Freezes In the Hot Months

We’re in the middle of the spring in Memphis, TN, and as the weather gets hotter, many offices start to turn down their cooling system’s temperature setting to acquire uninterrupted comfort. But on these hottest days of the year, isn’t it weird to see workers wrapping themselves with thick sweaters at their workstations? This is not the ideal comfort your employees deserve.

Know why your Memphis, TN office freezes in the hot months through this post.

Your Office Uses LEDs

Electronics, lightings, and appliances are the major sources of heat in your office, and your cooling system is designed to offset it. Switching to LED lighting or LED computer monitors can make your space cooler because they don’t get hot when used continuously. With LEDs on, your space will definitely feel much cooler when you start turning down your A/Cs temperature.

You Are Sitting Next to Vent

Sitting next to your air conditioner’s vent that constantly blows cool air will make you feel colder. Even though the air coming out of your vent is 15 degrees higher than your room’s target temperature, it will still feel frosty when you are continuously exposed to it. Since there’s nothing your employees can do about their sitting arrangement, they need to save their comfort with jackets on.

Not Enough Thermostats

Having more thermostats inside your building gives you a better way to control your indoor temperature from different locations. Take note, your employee sitting in direct sunlight requires a different level of cooling than those who work on shadier spots of your building. You can invest in a zoning system or use a different thermostat in each location to fix cooling problems.

Personal Preferences and Dress Codes

These two make a difference when it comes to getting the desired temperature inside the office. Women are less tolerant of cold temperature compared to men, and those who wear full suit may need an extra layer of cool to stay comfortable than those who wear skirts. Unfortunately, building temperature is set for men in suit as the standard occupants, leaving women and others wearing casual attire out in the cold.

Your Temperature Is Set Too Low

It’s no secret that your office will feel much colder when you turn your temperature too low. Cool air will consistently blow throughout your space, and your employees will suffer from a frozen working environment for several hours, not to mention reduced productivity.

Your office needs to stay comfortable – not just being cool when the hot weather begins, but also balancing the temperature level of cold air that circulates inside it. If you have done everything and your office remains too frosty these hot months, contact the local A/C repair in Memphis, TN. Call us at Automatic Air Conditioning & Heating today.