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Tell-tale Signs That You Need Heating Repair

Are you worried that your heating unit will break down as the next cold wave sets in Memphis, TN? The experts at Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating suggest that you should start keeping an eye on these tell-tale signs that you need a heating repair. Strange Sounds Strange noises from your cabinets or vents of. [Read more…]

How A Duct Replacement Can Solve Your Comfort Issues

Night time is the best time of the day. But no matter how you position yourself on the bed, you just can’t find the comfort that you want. If the culprit doesn’t lie in your A/C, it’s probably in your ductwork. Aside from your air conditioning system, you should also make sure to have your. [Read more…]

Benefits of Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioners are also called split system or split-ductless system. These are the new innovation in air conditioning that’s cost-effective and fit for the modern house designs and household needs. You probably see the small, box-like indoor unit mounted on the walls in restaurants and in your neighbor’s home. That’s a ductless air conditioner.. [Read more…]