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The Problems Caused by Dry Indoor Air

The Problems Caused by Dry Indoor Air

As winter season arrives, you may have prepared your home to make it warm, cozy, and safe. You have cleaned the components and got all repairs and tune-ups done. Everything is ready, but there’s one simple task you may have neglected. How about humidifying your home? Perhaps you are aware that the cold weather brings dry air that when ignored can cause harm to your health and property.

Here are the problems caused by dry indoor air:

  • Skin Problems

Your skin might start to dry out if your indoor air lacks moisture, causing flaking and itching to your skin and tightness around your joints. Additionally, dry air can cause chapping of lips and painful cracks to the skin. Those who have existing skin issues like acne and eczema might get the problems worse when continuously exposed to dry indoor air. But you can avoid all these problems if your living space is properly humidified.

  • Breathing Difficulty

Dry indoor air can cause unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms, including itchiness, irritation, and dryness to your nasal passages. These symptoms may not create a painful feeling but might cause nosebleeds when exposed to dry air for a longer period. Start creating a safe and comfortable breathing space by humidifying your indoor air now.

  • Diseases Become Prevalent

Your respiratory system’s upper part includes the nose and throat that are lined with moist membranes. All these membranes capture viruses, bacteria, and dirt that might get into your lungs. If these membranes lose proper moisture due to dry air, they cannot perform their job, which is to capture harmful particles and prevent them from reaching your lungs. Keep the right amount of moisture in your air to reduce the risk of illness.

  • Damage Your Property

Dry air can also cause damage to your property and the objects inside it. Your musical instruments might lose their shape and tune. Your wooden fixtures might bend and crack. The paper objects like artworks and books can become warped, brittle and wrinkled. Protect your important belongings inside your home by humidifying your indoor air now.

Temperature and humidity should come together to keep your home comfortable in the winter months! So be sure that you have both of them to protect your family and property against the harm brought on by dry indoor air. Our professionals at Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating can help humidify your home and offer high-quality humidifying systems you can rely on. Call us today!